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Choose from the list of options below.  

You can sign up for individual events or choose from one of the (3) Club Memberships matching your child's age group.  If you sign up for a club membership, do not sign up for the individual event which is included in the club membership.

NOTE:  A Club Membership gives you access to the events listed and saves you money versus signing up for each event separately.



When you begin the on-line registration, you will be asked to first create an account for yourself / your family with this website.  This will be information for you, your spouse, home phone numbers, cell phones, etc.  Then you will add information for your son.  Once this is completed, you will asked to sign up for a particular event / program in the registration process.

We recommend the club memberships as they include the programs we think are particularly beneficial to the age of the child.  Plus, they save you money rather than signing up for each program on an individual basis.

If you want to sign up for more than one program, once you near the end of the registration process, and before you enter your credit card, the system will ask if you want to register any others.  You can add another son, or add another program to the same son that you are currently registering.  The system will add this to your "cart" and add the amount due until you are ready to pay.


2021 - 2022 LCBA Skill Sessions (All Year)

LCBA All Year Skill Sessions ( Grades 3rd - 12th )

The LCBA skills sessions are led by some of the top skill instructors in the Midwest and incorporate "state of the art" teaching techniques that will take your game to the next level.  This program consists of a one hour session an average of two days a week and we offer it in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

The cost if purchased as an individual event is $90.​ This includes Spring, Summer, and Fall Skill Sessions.


Opened: 09/09/2021
Closes: 09/01/2022

Open to: Boys

In Grades: 3 to 12 for 2021-22 School year

2022 Riverhawk Summer Offensive Skills Basketball Camp ( 6th Grade to 12th Grade )

2022 Riverhawk Summer Offensive Skills Basketball Camp (Grades 6th - 12th)

This camp will take place iJune 6,7 and 8 of 2022 and provides a great opportunity for improving players who want to further advance their skills.  We have really out-done ourselves in the past by bringing in top coaches like Coach Forrest Larson to teach offensive skills, the experts at TNT 5 Academy (Tim Schuring) to teach defensive skills, and our own Central High School coaches to augment these skills by teaching team offense and team defense. This year's camp will be top - notch as well.

If you want to become a superior player, you cannot find a camp that will be any better. 

Camps like this can cost upwards of $ 250.00 or more but through the efforts of the LCBA, you are only asked to pay $ 90.00 !    Further information can be found in the flyer listed on our website under documents.

​This is not included in the club membership program of fees.

Opened: 09/09/2021
Closes: 06/01/2022

Open to: Boys

In Grades: 6 to 12 for 2022-23 School year

2022 Riverhawk Youth Summer Camp ( K - 5th grade )

2022  Central Riverhawk Youth  Summer Basketball Camp ( Grades K - 5th )

This camp will take place June 6/7/8 of 2022 from 8:00 am until 9:30 am daily and provides a great opportunity for players to sharpen their skills heading into the summer break.  We combine drills that focus on improving offensive and defensive skills while also incorporating fun competitions and games into each session.

The cost if purchased as an individual event is $35.​  


More information can be found by viewing the flyer  listed in the documents section of our website.

Opened: 09/09/2021
Closes: 06/08/2022

Open to: Boys & Girls

In Grades: K to 5 for 2022-23 School year