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 In-Season Program 




The LCBA was started 18 years ago to serve as a feeder program for Central High School.   It has quickly become one of the top school affiliated basketball programs in the state.  The LCBA extends from Kindergarten all the way up to the Central High School varsity team.  Coaches and players at all levels are involved and interact with each other bringing a feeling of one large team/family that represents Central High School.   The same 'Core Standards' are emphasized at all levels of the program.  The dedicated and knowledgeable coaches throughout our program and the tremendous opportunities offered are key to giving kids an opportunity to learn and grow both on and off the court. 


  Junior Riverhawks (Grades K-2nd)

An instructional program that practices and plays games two Saturdays a month in December and January.  Skill  practices are available at La Crosse south side schools during the week.  All players receive a free Junior Riverhawk T-shirt.  La Crosse Central High School coaches, players along with LCBA staff will provide the instruction which creates an outstanding coach-to-player ratio.  This is an excellent option for those players and families who are not yet ready to join our LCBA traveling teams.




 LCBA Coulee Region Teams(Grades 2nd, 3rd & 4th)

An outstanding program that will allow our 3rd and 4th grade players to compete against other area teams from local communities.  Our LCBA teams will practice two to three days a week and play games on Saturdays.  The vast majority of games are played at Central High School.  The season will run from late November until mid-February.  Practices are held at Central High School and other southside schools.




  LCBA Traveling Teams(Grades 5th-8th)

This is an excellent option for players who plan on attending Central High School.  By joining our traveling teams, you can be a part of one of the top high school affiliated youth programs in the state.  Practices for our 5th and 6th grade teams begin in November with tournament play starting in December.  Our 7th and 8th grade teams begin practice in December with the season culminating in the Wisconsin State Tournament in late March.