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1. RESPECT-Be respectful towards your teammates, coaches, fans, officials, and your                                           opponent at all times.

2. INTEGRITY-Always choose to do the right things on and off the court that represent                                          you and your teammates in the most positive way.

3. HUMILITY-Be humble in victory, gracious in defeat and always give credit to your                                               teammates for their efforts in helping to create our success.

4. TEAM FIRST ATTITUDE-Always do what is best for the team and put team goals                                           above any individual goals you may have.

5. TEACHABLE SPIRIT-Always be willing to learn from your coaches and accept both                                        positive and negative feedback appropriately.

6. PERSEVERANCE-Maintain the mental toughness to handle adversity you may face.

7. CHAMPION WORK ETHIC-Be self-disciplined to always give your best effort both                                           mentally and physically.